Falcon Heavy: historic launch from SpaceX (video, photos)

The first super-heavy rocket Falcon Heavy, built by the private space company SpaceX, was launched on February 6, 2018 from Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA). This is her first test flight. As cargo on board was a Tesla Roadster car with a dummy named Starman in a SpaceX suit. Together with the car, an Arch 5D […]

Jupiter’s cloud belt

In December 2017, from a height of about 13,000 kilometers, the Juno automatic station obtained images of clouds encircling Jupiter’s south pole. The spacecraft entered the polar orbit of the gas giant on July 5, 2016. The purpose of the mission is to study the gravitational and magnetic fields of the planet, as well as […]

Large reserves of clean water found on Mars


US Geological Survey scientists have discovered that under the surface of Mars, at a depth of one to two meters, there are vast layers of pure water ice up to a hundred meters thick. The discovery was made by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which took pictures of the eroded rocky ledges. The discovery proves that […]

An asteroid caused a giant tsunami on Mars


A group of scientists from France and the United States came to the conclusion that an asteroid that fell on Mars several billion years ago formed a huge crater on the surface of the planet, and also caused a strong tsunami, traces of which are still found today. Some scientists believe that in the distant […]

The reasons for the appearance of strong geysers on Enceladus are explained


During the 48th Conference on Lunar and Planetary Sciences, American scientists talked about what could cause the formation of powerful geysers in the southern part of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. As the researchers noted, the reason for the formation of these phenomena was the collision of a large cosmic body with the ice surface of the […]

Named the approximate number of black holes in the Milky Way

black hole

The study was conducted by scientists from the University of California, Irvine. The scientists wanted to count the number of medium-mass black holes. These mysterious objects are of great interest to astrophysicists in the process of their formation, evolution and distribution. According to astronomers, there are about several million such objects in the Milky Way […]

Hydra galaxy cluster

Abell 1060

The picture shows the Hydra galaxy cluster, or Abell 1060, containing 157 galaxies located in the constellation Hydra. It covers an area of about 10 million light-years and is part of the Hydra-Centaurus supercluster. The average distance to the galaxies in the cluster is estimated at 158 million light-years. Object map: