Named the approximate number of black holes in the Milky Way

black hole
Digital illustration of a black hole.

The study was conducted by scientists from the University of California, Irvine. The scientists wanted to count the number of medium-mass black holes. These mysterious objects are of great interest to astrophysicists in the process of their formation, evolution and distribution.

According to astronomers, there are about several million such objects in the Milky Way galaxy. Their average mass is 30 solar. Scientists came to such conclusions as a result of calculating the ratio of the mass of the galaxy and its metallicity (the number of stars in which there are elements heavier than helium).

As scientists noted, the smaller the galaxy, the more black holes of medium mass in it. At the same time, black holes of stellar mass (up to 10 solar masses) prevail in large “stellar cities”. The latter are formed as a result of the gravitational collapse of massive stars, and their appearance is usually accompanied by a supernova or even a hypernova explosion, which can be a catastrophe for a large part of the galaxy.


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